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Chasing Grace is currently in post-production. Our official website will launch shortly, at which time, you will be able to watch the trailer and get a glimpse behind the scenes!

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The Premise

A tragic accident threatens a pastor’s family and sets into motion the complex betrayal between two brothers, both of whom blame the other.

The Film

Chasing Grace is a family film that explores the redemptive power of forgiveness. It’s a film that promises to merge two genres: Family & Thriller. It could possibly change the way you see “faith-based films.”


Michael Joiner, Ashlee Payne, Rusty Martin, Abigail Rose Cornell, and David Temple

The Team

Award-winning Director, David Temple, and a team of seasoned professionals from NC, Chicago and LA, are creating a story that will live in your heart long after the screen fades to black.

Catalyst Pictures welcomes Brandon Riley as Director of Photography, and we are honored to have Michael Joiner playing the lead of Pastor Jonathan Matheson.


David E. Temple

Chasing Grace Movie, LLC
1235 East Blvd, Suite 109
Charlotte, NC 28203

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